Forklift Operator Training

At Brodie Toyota-Lift, we know how important safety is to your business. It’s also the law. We want to help you get OSHA compliant as effectively and affordably as possible.  We offer a variety of comprehensive safety training options that cover all types of material handling equipment and can provide a tailor-made program to fit your needs.

Our training programs include:

  • On-site training
  • Train the Trainer program
  • Video training program
  • All gas, electric and diesel sit-down rider lift trucks
  • Narrow aisle equipment
  • Pallet trucks and attachments

Our courses are convenient and will get your warehouse up to OSHA regulations in no time. To order a training course, please contact:
Tim Wilder
Tel (978) 682-6300
Cell (978) 360-1240
Fax (508) 845-8091

This video, produced by OSHA provides information on what might trigger and OSHA inspection and what to expect from beginning to end, of an inspection should you be visited by an inspector.

Forklift are always one of OSHA’s top ten violated categories each year. A lot of the violations stem from lack of operator training, equipment condition, needing repairs or inadequate notification of pedestrians that forklifts are in use.

Toyota’s Forklift Safety Infographic shows what people want in safety features and what will reduce your exposure and improve safety in and around your facility. 

Information on Massachusetts Hoisting Operator's License Requirements

There are two requirements for operating powered industrial trucks in Massachusetts;

  1. compliance with OSHA regulation 1910.178
  2. 520 CMR 6 (Code of Massachusetts Regulations), the MA hoisting Law.

The OSHA compliance training Brodie Toyota lift provides has been required since 1999 and continues to be a requirement. The forklift operator training that we supply will keep you in compliance with OSHA. We train operators in safe powered industrial truck operation. 

The Department of Public Safety requirement has been on the books for a number of years but it was not actively enforced. It is now. To comply with the Massachusetts hoisting requirements your company has two choices.

  1. Have all your operators attain their 1C Hoisting Engineers License
  2. Apply for an exemption.

An exemption can be obtained if your employees operate your equipment, on your property, under the supervision of a qualified, designated employee(s) responsible for their safe operation. Your company must also have an in house training program that has been approved by the DPS monitored by that person(s).

The information for each process includes:

All necessary documentation and applications are available on the Department of Public Safety website under the license tab then the hoisting tab.

If we can clarify any points or be of assistance contact, Tim Wilder our Operator and Technical Training Manager at 978-360-1240 or The Department of Public safety directly at:

P (617) 727-3200
Fax: (617) 727-5732