Toyota SEnS Pedestrian Detection System

SEnS: Smart Environment Sensor


The all-new Smart Environment Sensor (SEnS) pedestrian detection system – designed and engineered by Toyota – uses advanced technology and can assist operators in identifying a pedestrian or object behind their forklift during a shift. SEnS uses proprietary algorithms to distinguish between these obstacles. If within a detectible range, a buzzer and four indicator lights will alert the operator that a pedestrian or object is within a certain range of the rear of the forklift. SEnS is available as an add-on kit that can be retrofitted for select Toyota forklift models currently in utilization, as well as new models. SEnS, works with multiple input voltages and fits a variety of applications.

How it Works

  • SEnS enables customers to program up to three detection zones with different audible and visual alarms for each zone.
  • SEnS can detect objects up to 32 feet away.
  • The frequency in which the warning lights blink and a buzzer sounds increases as the pedestrian or object enters a zone closer to the rear of the forklift.
  • Detection zones can be configured to meet various customer applications