Toyota 80V Pneumatic Tire Electric Forklifts

Powerhouse Performance


  • 5,000 – 17,500 Capacity
  • System of Active Stability Equipped

Want to maintain an all-electric fleet, but need a rugged, outdoor solution? Look no further than Toyota’s 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift. These electric powerhouses combine the power, durability, and reliability of internal combustion trucks with the ergonomics and speed of electric forklifts. With a capacity ranging from 5,000-17,500 lb., these machines are ready to tackle any challenge, whether you’re operating indoors or outdoors.



Toyota understands that you need a forklift that delivers the power and durability to get the job done. Their80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift is a beast and designed to tackle all of your material handling needs. Rugged enough to perform similar to internal combustion counterparts while running off a battery, Toyota’s 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift maintains clean air and low maintenance but supports traditional IC applications.

This versatile lift delivers top travel speeds courtesy of the powerfully efficient AC Drive Motor, which provides longer runtimes aided by regenerative braking, giving you the power to get more done quickly. When you need raw power to tackle outdoor challenges and efficient, environmentally friendly operation, look no further than Toyota’s 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift.

Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips

Knowledge and information power your productivity. Toyota’s 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklifts come equipped with a multifunction display that provides key information such as an operating time display and battery capacity warning. Standard speed control and performance modes allow selection of power consumption, acceleration, and regenerative braking force, allowing tuning to maximize truck performance to your operation while balancing performance and operating time, leading to improved efficiency.

Built-in diagnostics with error code displays allow troubleshooting through the display to quickly diagnose any issues and increase uptime.


360 Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability & Value

  • 80-Volt Electrical System
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Digital Multifunction Display
  • Regenerative Braking
  • AC lift & Drive Motors

Ease of Service

  • AC Drive Motor (No Brushes or Commutator)
  • Easy Access, No-Tools Floorboard
  • Battery Compartment Hood Assist
  • Planned Maintenance Indicator
  • Can-Bus Controller Wiring

80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift Ergonomics

  • ORS (Operator Restraint System) Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat
  • Retractable Seat Belt
  • Heavy-Duty, Non-Slip Floor Mat
  • Memory Tilt Steering Column

Key Safety Features

  • System of Active Stability (SAS)™
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Electric Horn
  • Overhead Guard


Length to Forkface
89.8-143.7 in.

Overhead Guard Height
87.2-111.6 in

Overall Width
47-84.3 in

For more information on the Toyota 80V pneumatic, electric forklift line-up or to get a quote, please contact us at 800-828-2804.