Indoor / Outdoor Durability

In material handling, the last things you need are limitations. Utilizing different trucks for indoor and outdoor work creates inefficiencies that ultimately impact your bottom line.

When you need raw power to tackle outdoor challenges and efficient, environmentally friendly operation indoors, look no further than Toyota’s 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift.

An Operator’s Dream

Designed with the operator in mind, the 48V Electric Pneumatic comes equipped with amenities to help do the job quickly and efficiently. Standard mini-lever controls offer comfortable and ergonomic material handling while minimizing movement. Mast options with an adjustable, slim steering column and a low dashboard deliver excellent visibility during travel and load handling.

Continued Performance

Just like a car, truck, or other motorized assets, periodic maintenance, service, and upkeep are required, even under normal operating conditions, to keep your Toyota 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift operating at peak performance.

Built using the Toyota Production System, this 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift gives you the highest levels of quality, durability, and reliability of internal combustion trucks, with the speed and economic advantages of an electric forklift.

Paired with a Planned Maintenance (PM) Plan, the Electric Pneumatic Forklift can be an asset for your company for years to come.

Performance Features

360 Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability and Value

  • 48-Volt Electrical System
  • AC Drive and Lift Motors
  • Multifunctional Display
  • All Metal Rugged Exterior
  • Wet Disc Brakes

Ease of Service

  • AC Motor (No Brushes or Commutator)
  • Easy Access No-Tools Floorboard
  • Battery Compartment Hood Assist
  • Planned Maintenance Indicator


  • Seat Mounted Hydraulic Mini Lever Controls
  • ORS (Operator Restraint System) Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat
  • Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Floor Mat
  • Environmental Options Available

Key Safety Features

  • System of Active Stability (SAS)™
  • Operator Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Automatic Parking Brake
  • Electric Horn
  • Overhead Guard

Specs at a Glance

Length to Forkface
79.3-83.5 in.

Overhead Guard Height
80.9 in.

Overall Width

For more information or a quote on a new 48 Volt Electric or explore other electric forklift options, please contact us at 800-828-2804.