3 Steps to Improved Productivity

Whether you’re trying to improve productivity on your assembly line in your materials handling operation or increase efficiency in your accounting department, there are a few things that you can do that transcend functional lines and apply to almost all individuals.

Empower – You hired people to do a job, let them do it! Happy, productive employees have confidence and freedom backed up by employers that support that freedom. They will find better ways to do things and yes, on occasion, make mistakes. However, empowering employees that are intelligent and hardworking, while still maintaining operating parameters or “rules” will result in employees that will make a significant impact on your operations.

Inclusiveness – You might be surprised with the input you receive if you ask. Like a golf scramble, most individuals could not shoot even par for the course. But combined, four 15 handicappers can shoot below par. Why is this and how is this possible? It’s simple, you’re taking the best of each person on each shot. Now imagine all that latent potential in your employees. Are you utilizing it?

Appreciate – The words “thanks” and “you’re doing a great job” go a long way, but how often are they heard? Like many relationships, time can cause us to take advantage of the daily efforts of our co-workers and employees. So make a point to appreciate your employee’s efforts and inputs. Mix it up, have pizza parties, send cards, make announcements, but be sure it’s sincere. Employees can smell smoke a mile away.

Each one of our employees has a lot of potential. It’s up to us to find it and put it to work for the productivity and profitability of our companies. And the best managers know how to do it and get the most out of each and every one of them. Good luck and thanks for reading!