The Chariot is designed to move key personnel around your facility quickly, quietly and e ciently. With PURE ELECTRIC power and an overall width that will t through most standard doorways, your Chariot will take you everywhere you need to go.

The Expediter will be your top performing productivity partner – getting you where you’re going quickly and safely. Its narrow design, tight turning radius and best-in-class capacity rating enables you to transport personnel and payload through “tight spots” or right up to the job site.

The Stockchaser is the way to move heavy loads in tight spaces. With a deck capacity of up to 1,200 lbs. you’ll be hard pressed to need more cargo capacity than this compact performer will transport e ciently.

Versatility is the Payloader’s middle name. Choose from standard rated capacities that range from 2400 to 5200 lbs. If you need to tow, the Payloader has you covered all the way up to 7 tons.