t-matics Fleet Management by Toyota Material Handling

What is T-Matics?

T-Matics is a fleet management tool that utilizes a Vehicle Management System (VMS) to track and report operating behavior of a forklift and/or a forklift operator.

What is a VMS?

A VMS is a system that facilitates the transfer of operating data from a forklift to individuals via standard or customized reports.

How big does my fleet need to be to justify T-Matics?

Toyota provides two T-Matics products: T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND. T-Matics MOBILE is advantageous for any size fleet and operates entirely via cellular signal. T-Matics COMMAND can operate over cellular or WiFi and is a more comprehensive telematics solution. T-Matics COMMAND is ideal for fleets of at least 10 or more forklifts.

What makes Toyota T-Matics different?

T-Matics MOBILE is the only individual forklift-based cellular telematics solution currently on the market with a full-featured set of monitoring and analytic capabilities. T-Matics MOBILE is capable of generating reports on individual forklifts or entire fleets. T-Matics COMMAND is powered by I.D. Systems, Inc., which, for more than 15 years, has successfully deployed wireless asset management technology to the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers, airlines, and government agencies.

What are my installation options?

All T-Matics products can be installed in the field by Toyota’s extensive dealer network of Toyota Certified Technicians or can be factory installed on new forklift purchases.

What software installation does Toyota T-Matics require?

Only an internet browser is required. Both T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND are capable of web-based reporting.

Which option is better for me?

It depends on your needs and application. T-Matics MOBILE is a forklift-based, cellular solution, meaning the data will transfer anywhere an appropriate cellular signal is detected and will transmit data on the forklift only. T-Matics COMMAND is facility-based forklift and forklift operator management solution, meaning the forklift must stay within a certain range of the facility and can transmit data on the forklift as well as the individual forklift operator. T-Matics MOBILE is a more economical solution designed to transmit data on forklifts of any fleet size, including rental fleets, while T-Matics COMMAND is a more customizable and comprehensive designed for larger fleets operating in a single facility or campus.

How can Toyota T-Matics save me money?

Toyota T-Matics is a fleet management tool that reports on the utilization, productivity and maintenance needs of an individual forklift, an entire fleet and/or an individual forklift operator. T-Matics will help create accountability among forklift operators, reduce damaging impacts, plan maintenance schedules and provide the data needed to effectively manage fleet sizes, material handling operations, and logistics in the workplace.T-Matics measures data and facilitates data-driven operational decisions.

What makes Toyota’s fleet management solutions stand out?

Toyota takes a consultative approach to fleet management. Toyota’s fleet management team, along with its extensive dealer network, has saved Toyota customers tens of millions of dollars leveraging data and decades of experience.

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